Reliv Independent Distributor
My Story 

I had lost my job at a large computer company over 12 years ago. I had just turned 50 years old at the time and found it very difficult to find a good paying job or at least anything that came close to what I was accustomed to making. Several health issues started to set in. I was on the verge of selling my home as I could not afford the payments any longer.

For over nine years, I had suffered with macular degeneration. I could not drive at night and had a very difficult time reading. I was on medications for blood pressure, hypo-thyroidism, hormone replacement and had to take a med to sleep at night. Although I was very skeptical about what Reliv products could do for me, I decided to take them consistently and the results were amazing. My eye doctor suggested that I always take them as he could not believe the improvement that I made in just three months. Over time, all my other issues also improved.  I feel better today in my sixties than I did twenty years ago. I would not go a day without taking these products.

After figuring out a way to come into the Reliv business at the highest profit level, I had decided to make this my new career. I loved helping people and I had several people in my family that needed some help with their health issues. My first month, I introduced Reliv to eighteen people. It was amazing what happened. Everybody received great results and five of the people came in at the highest profit level also just like I did. My goal was to make at least $1000, but instead, I made $4000. Needless to say, I had so much to look forward to.

Today, I enjoy the lifestyle that most people just dream about. I was able to reach the Presidential level on my two year anniversary date. I have been on nearly fifty all-expense paid trips and I love this business!